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Stone Haus is a family-owned and operated hardwood furniture store that opened in 2010. We’re are settled in the country 2 miles North of Farmington, Missouri on Hwy. D. Our store is filled with American-made, quality furniture. Among our collection of furniture, we also have walls full of art and we offer wind chimes.

Our customer base spreads out to Fredericktown, Ste. Genevieve, Bonne Terre, Desoto, Festus, and other localities including the St. Louis area. As our name implies, we are a people of German background. We have an appreciation for quality design and good value and strive to offer nothing less to our customers.

A Note From the Owner

I began building hardwood furniture to sell in 1987 and I’ve been involved in the furniture industry ever since. Spending so many years in the shop has made me appreciate the effort that goes into a quality piece of furniture.

True quality is more than words. We want you to come into our store, feel the finish, sit in the chairs, and discover the experience that shopping online can’t compare to. Solid construction practices are what we like. Particleboard is not welcome here. We do not believe it is a suitable building material for long-lasting, quality furniture.

In our store, we make it our goal to treat every person with respect. We love the “no pressure” method of selling. (The only thing that will try to convince you to make a purchase is the furniture. smile) Your decision needs to be based on your resources and your needs, not ours. We understand that everyone has different style preferences and even if you leave without a purchase, we are glad to be of service to you. We love to hear the feedback of our customers and to see you sharing your experience with your friends. So drop on by, even if you just want to window shop. You may find a quality piece you didn’t realize you would love to have.

Enough talk from me. Please feel free to visit and draw your own conclusions.


-Clay Zimmerman

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